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New Yogi Desk girl?

I practice yoga at a small local studio here in Michigan. I chose this studio because I was seeking a certification program to apply to. I fell in love with Seva Yoga after reading their mission statement and philosophy. The believe that yoga is for everyone, and not simply limited to those with a good chunk of change, or a type “A” body. With that said, in Feb. of 2013 I have been accepted into the training program and I am more than thrilled. 

I’ve spent years attempting to find my niche. I’ve learned that their are many things that I enjoy, but there is nothing like yoga that eats me up and sets fire with passion. I have been dropping in at classes in the studio, and considered footing the cost to get an unlimited monthly membership. However, today I received an email from the owner about a job opportunity at the studio. Holy crap! Is this true? Working a few hours a week in a haven? I never thought this would be me! I am blessed to have this presented to me so easily, and I am very greatful. I look forward to see what this opportunity brings. 

As for practicing today. I tried Yin yoga, a yoga that consists of deep stretching and long holds for extended periods of breath. It has taught me to hug myself and love on my own being. Allow myself to relax and work through rest. 

namaste all

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