I Feel the Beat

For you have been given much. I have been granted a blessing to work in a yoga studio, and go to yoga everyday if I like. I have been blessed to attend a certification program starting in the spring. I have been given life through the breath that flows through my nostrils and fills my lungs wildly. When little is much, and my heart is filled I find myself permeating the natural energy and  love of God so much greater than myself. For it is not my job, your job to change hearts. It is our calling to walk with the Light of Christ. To speak of his goodness in this evil world. 

If you can give money give it, for it is not ours in the first place.
If you only have time share.
If you have words speak
If you have ears, listen.

I pray for love to radiate through me via yoga.
Yoga is vulnerability, and sweetly surrendering your thoughts to become present.

This weekend I had the great pleasure of going to a local show in my home town, It was a heavy rock show. I have not been to a concert in a great while, and i forgot what it felt like to feel the beat of a bass drum the pulse of the music as your body finds harmony with a rhythm and all you have to do is feel it. Let your body ride the wave. When I was at the show I thought of when I learned how to ease yourself into boat pose. The instructor challenged us to let our body ride the wave of the breath. How little work can you do to gain the most enjoyment? Don’t tense up so much, relax feel your body expand. Feel your hips rock along the floor boards. 

Feel the beat of today.


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