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Full back bend, wheel, also known as Urdhva-Dandasana has become a favorite. Urdhva-Dandasana fully unfolds the body in a way from all our daily slouching. It is also helpful with depression, as when in back bends you are required both physical strength and mental strength. Something about yoga that helps me learn that I can go places that I never thought I could go.

Today our practice was close knit and intimate. My fellow yogis were down to earth, and a joy to be with. The point of today was to embrace the journey. I forget that life is about the journey.. and I so often seek the destination. There is something about looking at the world upside down, and breathing through your hips, feeling the muscles expand and contract. I feel the intimacy of each fiber.

I sometimes wonder if others go this deep into their being.


Freaks and Geeks of Yoga

There are not many things that I can say consume me. However, the one thing that swallows me whole is yoga. Somedays I just stand on my mat and consider myself happy. Yoga has given me freedom. I nerd out on it and nose in books and the linguistics of yoga. This is a blog about a girl who loves yoga, and aspires to teach others about her love.

Om shanti all

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